experienced investors

Castleford Capital invests where a company’s growth is accelerated from capital, network connections, operational experience and deep relationships.

Castleford Capital is a private equity firm that invests in middle market healthcare services and pharmaceutical services companies.  Our team, which includes operating partners and advisors, adds value to our investments beyond capital.

Our investors co-invest with Castleford Capital on a deal-by-deal basis.  The independent sponsor model enables us to align with the right capital partner for the investments we make.  Invested companies also benefit as they are not exposed to potential fund related issues, such as early exit. 

our investors

Castleford Capital investors trust our team to invest, manage their capital, and inform them of the progress of their investment.

Our investors include:

  • large institutional asset managers
  • family offices
  • high net worth individuals

our advisors

For every investment Castleford utilizes a number of highly qualified advisors to diligence the investment, review financial information, ensure legal documentation is in place, and review industry developments that could potentially impact the investment.

our commitment